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Learn to mediate, refine your skills or become involved in our mentoring program with Mutual Mediations’ dispute resolution specialists. We provide a range of mediation training and consultation opportunities.


There is an ancient proverb that says, "you can feed a man a meal of fish and he will be satisfied that day. Or you can teach a man how to fish and he will be satisfied for the rest of his life". Our sentiments exactly.

We don't just train individuals to become mediators; we develop professionals with tools and techniques to help them deliver better and more profitable business. We understand the benefits conflict management tools and techniques bring to individuals and therefore to businesses.

Working with both our delegates and trainers we have developed conflict resolution and management training courses aimed at supporting all business and legal operations to help increase service delivery levels and client value. Our practical business programmes all aim to achieve this but through different mediums. For instance one of our courses looks at ways of identifying, understanding and then managing client expectations throughout the cycle of that relationship. This enables you to spot and deal with conflict issues before they sour.

Of course if you simply want to become a mediator or acquire advanced specialist skills then you need look no further for a training provider. We continually fine-tune our approach to produce interactive and innovative programmes.

Practical Business Training (PBT) - courses for managers and employees across all industries and sectors

Commercial Resolution Training (CRT) - specific mediation training courses

In-House Training (IHT) - tailored courses specifically designed to your businesses requirements.


Mutual Mediations provides specialist services to coach and assist newly accredited mediators with the development of their conflict resolution skills. This can take the form of role plays or simulated mediations. Mutual Mediations currently coaches with such leading Institutions as the University of Queensland, Bond University and Leading Edge Alternative Dispute Resolution (LEADR) organisation as well as Adjudicate Today.


Our mediators will co-mediate and assist those mediators or in-house mediators who have recently gained accreditation as a mediator, however need to develop and refine their practical skills. We work hand in hand with mediators to pass on the benefits of our vast expertise and experience so that mediators and potential mediators can feel confident and comfortable in practicing the necessary skills of conflict resolution.

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