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The Dispute Resolution Forum

Come and join our monthly seminars where dispute resolution topics are discussed in an open dialogue oriented format where participation by attendees is encouraged.


Mutual Mediations’ Dispute Resolution Forum (DRF) is an exciting place to gain new knowledge and to share information with colleagues in the field. The practitioner-oriented Forum is attended by ADR scholars and graduate students in addition to ADR professionals from Brisbane and the surrounding area; forum activities are open to anyone interested in alternative dispute resolution. The Dispute Resolution Forum consists of three structures, designed to enhance dispute resolution skills and understanding in different ways.

The Forum

The Forum meets one evening each month. These meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month, opening at 6:00pm with light refreshments. The program, which takes place from 6:30 to 7:30pm includes a presentation by a guest speaker and a period for questions and commentary from Forum members.

The list of sessions shows the topics of upcoming and past presentations.


The second segment of the Forum is "Peervision", designed to be a safe place for professionals to network, learn and develop. Peervision is composed of conferences in which a case is presented for discussion. These meetings are held in addition to the monthly meetings. The series is called Peervision because it is an opportunity for peers in the field to trade insights based on their wide-ranging, practice-based expertise. Participants are invited to share reactions, thoughts, and feelings they have experienced in cases similar to the one presented.

Members of the Forum have brought to Peervision cases involving employment, family, union/management, separation and divorce, and multiparty disputes. Mediation, negotiation, and adjudication cases have been represented.

Special Events

Additional functions are arranged from time to time.

Open to the Public

All interested parties are invited to join the Forum. It is a venue in which Mutual Mediations’ commitment to improving the theory and practice of negotiation and conflict resolution is invigorated by the ideas and experiences of practitioners. Forum activities also bring cutting-edge work of scholars in the many disciplines involved in alternative dispute resolution to the attention of practitioners. Most importantly, the DRF provides an opportunity for members to trade information, compare experiences, and gain new perspectives.

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