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Community Consultations and Conflict Resolution

Mutual Mediations is an international development consulting firm. We have over 20 years of experience promoting sustainable development, good governance, peaceful conflict resolution, and the improvement of daily living conditions.

Increasingly disputes faced by communities, local councils and non-government organisations are dealt with through conflict resolution using alternative dispute resolution practices. There are enormous benefits to everyone concerned be it the community organisation, its members or the community at large to have accredited and experienced mediators and facilitators brought in at the first possible opportunity.

Such interventions allow issues to be aired in a safe environment and allow everyone's concerns to be dealt with efficiently, effectively and at a reasonable cost. The aim of this process is to produce a win/win outcome and the rate of success is extremely high. Legal fees can be kept to a minimum or dispensed with all together and stress levels, emotional strain and disruption caused by unresolved issues are considerably diminished.

Violent and potentially violent conflict undermines development efforts. Terminating conflict in a way that does not address the roots of conflict may result in its re-emergence. Mutual Mediations’ approach to conflict resolution incorporates analysis of the deep sources of conflict and weighs the impact of state fragility on the selection, design, and implementation of appropriate interventions. Mutual Mediations work in conflict situations ranges from peace building, conflict mitigation, and reconciliation to alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and facilitated dialogue.

Mutual Mediations' highly accredited mediators and facilitators have years of experience in using the win/win philosophy to move parties from positions to interests by promoting a collaborative and non-adversarial approach. They have successfully mediated and facilitated a broad range of multi-party disputes across Australia and overseas and are leaders in their field.

Mutual Mediations is the preferred service providers for dozens of small and large community, government and non-government organisations across all States and Territories in the areas of environmental, native title and work place, commercial and community disputes. Our facilitators and mediators have the unique skills set, background and experience to effectively and successfully work with regional and remote communities throughout Australia.

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